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Help is Available with Pastoral Care
Help and Resources are Available!!

The decision to get care for health problems can be difficult, but there’s no need to suffer alone.

You May Feel Stigma
Stigma is when you feel judged by other people because of some personal quality or how you do things. You may feel stigma because of negative comments people make about you, or because they treat you differently.
Remember: You can't change what others think about your struggle,
but you can stop it from getting in your way.
We can help you manage
Stress (physical, mental, or emotional strain that disturbs one's normal bodily functions)
Anger (a strong feeling of displeasure or rage;
Fear (a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc.)
Feeling overwhelmed by day-to-day responsibilities
Negative thoughts
Thoughts of self-others harm
Experiences of seeing or hearing things others might not
Many other concerns that are unique to you
Overcoming an Addiction
We can also help you improve
Relationship skills
Life satisfaction
Relationship with family & friends
Your overall life goal
English and Spanish

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