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Biblical Counseling

Our approach is dependent on the Word of God, the work of the Holy Spirit and the grace of Jesus Christ. The counselor doesn’t ignore the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the client. The lens of the Scripture is used to seek a wholistic understanding of the person and opportunities of influencing healing and change.  Teaching our clients the skills needed to make and sustain life changes is part of the treatment plans.


We provide individual, couples, children and family counseling for our immigrant clients who qualify. We work with clients in 6-week increments to encourage client to focus on practical strategies for change.  We are committed to connect clients with a local church of their choice so they can build a support system to sustain their life changes.

We Check on the Progress Chronic Disease
We utilize the skills of Community Health Workers to help clients monitor chronic disease and the development of complications. Education on healthier choices for chronic conditions helps clients improve quality of life. We identify lifestyle, health habits and access to healthy solutions as part of the approach to help our clients make healthier choices.  Our volunteer nurse routinely offers opportunities clients to scheduled weight checks, blood sugar screenings and blood pressure checks offered free of charge for the clients.  Other blood screening tests are available for our clients at a reduced cost.  Our volunteer physicians monitor our client's health needs.
Support for Those in the Last Days or Months of their Life

We are humbled to enter this sacred space of suffering with clients who qualify.  End of life care helps the client to live as fully as possible until the person passes away. We offer the opportunity to bring dignity for the process for both client and family.  

Our end of life Community Health Workers offer support for the client and a voice for the unique wishes and preferences at end of life.  Supporting the family or others who are important to our client is part of the services offered.

We are able to provide these and other end of life care services in partnership with many of our supporters who are committed to providing excellent care in this difficult time in a persons life.   

Providing Health and Referral Services in the Community

We have volunteer physicians who come twice a month to provide their services. Our resources are very limited, we don’t turn anybody away but, we reserve our limited resources for those who cannot receive health services anywhere else. We have over 80 community partners who help us with referal care.

At no Cost to Those that Qualify 

We want to ensure no woman in the community has to go without regular pap smears, breast exams, and colonoscopy due to the inability to pay.  Many partners help us provide specialty screenings.

Research in Collaboration with Others 
We collaborate with other organizations to conduct research on different health issues affecting the immigrant population.  We enjoy a relationship with academic partners who seek community partners in research to ensure culturally appropriate and respectful inquiries.  
Health Education to the Community 
Our Community Healthcare Workers focus on the health areas affecting our community.  We provide educational opportunities for our clients in group or on individual basis.  We use evidence based curriculum approved by our partner in education - Indiana Minority Health Coalition.  All curriculum presented to our clients is culturally relevant and followed with some very practical strategies to help participants embrace healthier choice and habits. Health topics are; depression, anxiety, substance abuse, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity and much more.  We are blessed with many venue partners offering accessibility to most of our educational opportunities.
In Collaboration with Partners in the Community 
We provide health fairs through out the year. We make sure partners providing services at the health fairs follow up with clients when needed.  A health fair typically provides health education; giveaways to meet specific needs, flu shot and screenings.  All health fairs offer a spiritual outreach for participants.  The message of salvation is shared at every opportunity.
Navigate Through Services 
Many in our immigrant population are not familiar with the medical services available to them; our Community Health Workers help clients navigate through the services in the community so that they can find the help they are looking for and need. We also provide help filling out paperwork that they have received because of a doctor’s or emergency room visit. 
Support System 
Our Community Health Workers perform home visits and provide a support system for the new mothers of our Hispanic and Burmese populations.  Offering support for clients who do not have a family and find themselves in difficult times is part of our mission and we are honored to participate in the ministry of presence.
Immunization & Flu Shots 
Through our partnership with the Health Department and the collaboration of schools and churches, we provide immunization and flu shot fairs to those immigrant families that need to comply with the requirements of the school.
In Collaboration with Adult and Child 
We provide referrals for appointments for counseling on addictions, addiction recovery, and mental health issues.
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