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Cultivating Community

In helping others
Four Important Relationships

Sometimes people ask us how we help people in our ministry. Do we do things for them? Do we give things away? Do we guide them or just send them their way with a little help for them to figure things out? It is hard to find that fine line between helping and really helping our neighbors in need. 

As a ministry we are indebted to Christ to provide help that will not hurt those we help or those who are serving.  This foundational principle is based on the belief that all of us have four relationships that are important for life, our relationship with God, with ourselves, with others, and with creation. When people have one or several of these relationships fractured it is difficult for the person to live in victory.

All of us have four relationships that are important for life, our relationship with Godwith ourselves, with others, and with creation
three types of need
An Immediate and Sudden Need

Relief is the help provided because there is an immediate and sudden need for someone who is unable to help himself or herself. This may be a fire, illness, or sudden job loss etc.

Teaching, Coaching, Encouraging, Ministering

Rehabilitation is the help we offer to help in healing one or more of the four broken relationships we mentioned above by teaching and coaching, encouraging and ministering them so they could attain new skills.  This may be parenting skills, health classes, life coaching or pastoral counseling.

To Cause Change for the Future

Development is the help we provide to cause changes for future success or improvement in quality of life.  This may be GED classes, English classes, computer classes, literacy, parenting, work skills or other self-improvement classes.

how we help

It is important to understand the need and then to measure carefully how we help.  We must strive to not hurt while helping.  Good intentions is not enough, we must have healthy boundaries, biblical principles and good accountability for all involved.  We have been serving our clients in this way for the past 14 years and we have seen God do wonderful things to grow people.

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