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Cultivating Community
what we do
Spiritual Coachiing and Pastoral care
Providing Spiritual Coaching and Pastoral Care
Esperanza Ministries provides through our PATHFINDER portal. We provide pastoral care to all clients, regardless of religion.  We minister through spiritual coaching sessions, bible studies, and mindfulness groups to help adults in church or community leadership.
Community Health Workers
Project:   Development of Indiana Community Health Workers Association

INCHWA is a professional association for community health workers (CHWs). Its mission is to advance the CHW profession through relevant healthcare strategies, education, advocacy, and a unified voice. 


Esperanza Ministries is committed to helping foreign nationals become certified community health workers.  We help community members who want to help their own community through connections with scholarships or the certification and help with membership to INCHWA.

Building Bridges of Trust 
We advocate for the immigrant and the receiving community through cultural presentations so trust can blossom.  
Community Chaplain
Providing Chaplaincy Services
We provide culturally appropriate end-of-life care for community members (immigrants and receiving community members.)  Helping the family understand the services available, connecting with them, and caring for unique needs at the end of life.
Benevolence help
Benevolence Help Services
We provide assistance for community members who are experiencing multiple challenges, unexpected emergencies and the desire to learn how to learn the skills to help themselves.

Partners serving the community:

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